Rescue Journal

how good or bad will today get to be...enquiring minds want to know.

Carol  ·  May 27, 2008

the past week or so has sucked..tons of crap going on, i am quite stressed which just attracts is a negative magnetic thing.
yesterday after i left for work, renee cut her finger while opening a food can. she needed stitches so there went her shift and a good portion of trina's while they went to the hospital. at last report she got her stitches, she felt really bad about not getting her work done and i still needed to clean the big dog rooms, the americats, rabbits and the barns when i got home last night. shit happens.

but then eva and tammy came running and everything was caught up by late afternoon. by the time i got home from work, there was just the usual bedtime, feedings and meds stuff to do. so shit happens and sometimes the calvary arrives to save the day...thank you guys!

jewel is feeling much better that yesterday as she RAN to the fields she grabbed the soccor ball along the way. she then proceeded to FLY into the pond (5 different times) so i'd say her med regime is working for her. clyde is untwisting a bit. last night as he waited eagerly for his lift on the bed, he wagged his little tail and did not try to bite me even once. i did encourage him to find somewhere else to sleep the third time i awoke with him snarling somewhere around my face. once i woke him up, he didn't want to leave so i got up and opened the fridge. he hopped down and trotted into the kitchen and i left him in there.

alfred princeton did very well at the vet, his feeding tube is in the right place. he is sporting a hot pink neck bandage which looks good against his white coat. i picked him up at the clinic just before closing and he had to stay in the crate in my car while i finished seeing my clients. luckily he is a good little traveler and wasn't the least bit upset at all.

well i better move my butt here, i have a bunch of stuff to get done before my shift starts at noon. i am ever hopeful for a decrease in over all stress sometime soon, if all good things come to an end, crappy things should too.