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my kids are WRONG...we were on the moon

Carol  ·  Jun. 5, 2008

paraphrase...."i don't care what they one can ever take my footsteps up there away from me"...i can hear honesty even from a thousand miles away. i should have taught my kids more about faith. in the shadow of the moon is an excellent documentary.....and it is a re-affirmation that we can be great and wonderful and do great and wonderful things.

so emma...what do i look for in adoptive homes? nothing concrete, nothing physical...i look for that one person who will take over my job and give their life to that animal.



the problem with the conspiracy theories is...that we all know there are some pretty earth shattering things hidden behind security clearence...ever since j. edgar hoover and mccarthy had their hay-day...there shameful things to be hidden. how much and how horrible is in the secret vaults...who knows? that is the problem with secrets.

i don't follow the news well enough to even have an opinion if obama is an ethical, honest man or is he just an african-american politician....but i do know that he cannot be elected on basis of color, gender, religon or sexual preference... america needs to elect their next president based on the person underneath it do anthing else is just another perpetuating untrue fairy tale...they have had enough of those kind of presidents lately.


There are so many conspiracy theorists out there that it's a surprise to me that every Psych bed in every institution in the world isn't filled.

I'm not sure what reward it is that keeps these people going? Getting laughed off stages? Being shunned by scientists and critical thinkers? Maybe there are just too many additives in their Froot Loops, and they really believe someone, somewhere cares about their delusions.

I'm much more concerned about an event that has not taken place, and that I hope to God never does. It is in relevance to Barack Obama's recent clinching of the Democratic Presidential nomination.

I used the word clinching on purpose. It rhymes with lynching. I am truly afraid that Mr. Obama, should he win the presidential election, might be assassinated. It's an uncomfortable fact that Abrahan Lincoln (so instrumental in ending slavery) was the first President who came from Illinois, and Mr. Obama would be just the second. Full circle.

I know this blog is not a political on, but there are so many racists (some who wear their hatred proudly, others who prefer to share their loathing covered by a white sheet. There are the crackers who have been raised dumb and mean, and the country clubbers who have slicker, more finessed ways of treating "others" with abject loathing.

I wish Mr. Obama well. I am somewhat self-serving when I say that, because another four years of an old moneyed white bread Republican is too awful to contemplate.

Maybe someday, maybe within this or the next generation's lifetime, a female, an openly queer person, a Latino or Naive Indian, a Jew, anyone but a mostly late middle aged white male will be the Commander in Chief of the country that basically rules the world.

If this is way, way too political, just remove it , Nicole. I understand completely.

Chris T

Wow Carol. What a way to sum up what you look for. That is exactly it!