Rescue Journal

today at saints

Carol  ·  Jun. 7, 2008

gideon apparently took advantage of unwary visitors and high tailed it down the road. i wasn't home yet so mo and laura got their coronary arteries unclogged by that moment of panic. by the time i got home for lunch, he was grazing peacefully in the field so my arteries are still clogged, oh well, i get mine unclogged quite alot so i was just as happy to miss todays turn. and really good for gideon, an ancient 33 yr old horse who is still clever and sneaky enough to freak out unsuspecting humans.
alfred princeton had a step backwards in his recovery process. he has been doing so well and eating on his own til yesterday when he vomitted, spiked a fever and quit eating. he has a infection at the insertion site of his feeding tube. bound to happen, direct access for bacteria right into the opening so he went to the vets this morning with angelina for assessment and treatment. i just picked him up again after work, he is back on abx's and as soon as he starts eating on his own again, that tube is getting pulled.

i gave a tour on my lunch break to a very nice group of ladies who became curious when they discovered us at the scotia bank bake could tell they really liked it here and especially all of the animals too.
pugsy has a very great home pending, her potential new family are driving from grand forks on wed. to meet her. i will let you know if this turns out to be pugsy's dream come true. zoe bought her a brand new hot collar in anticipation of her finding a home...who can resist a pug with a collar of many colors?
cole is pissed that he got cheated out of the mp room today....nicole phoned and let me know he was acting odd. i think she thought he was sick, well i guess he was technically sick...but more sick with longing and disappointment. can we say...cole.... you are freaking spoiled rotten!

carly went with zoe and nicole for sushi...cuddles tried to go too but he got kicked out of the car. personally i think sushi is more suited to poodles than pitbulls... i know for a fact that carly would prefer an entire 30 pound salmon to drag around while cuddles would enjoy those delicate tiny pieces....carly is an oaf and cuddles is refined, i am not being unkind, just stating the obvious.

i got an email on packer...he is doing really well and is going on vacation to manitoba soon. i also heard from dawne, true's foster mom, and true is having some troubles with mobility and discomfort, i know that dawne and the vets will do everything they can for her.
three more shifts and counting til my holidays begin.



lol shelley...imagine a home who retired early to look after their small group of disabled pugs (they have adopted 3 spinal injuries) and then sells and moves from their lakefront property because one of their parapalegic pugs, likes to run down hill in his canine cart in top speed, zips onto the dock and slides off the end into the lake...too much stress...they sold the property packed up the wayward pug and bought a flat/water free and more pug friendly property....i said they should have just put inflatable water wings on his cart! it is a very good home for pugsy!