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gracious pitbull declines to get into an altercation with an antisocial goat (or pitbull gets her butt kicked)

Carol  ·  Jun. 9, 2008

not by a human, not by a dog, not by a freaky and pissed off cat...nope... carly got beat up last night out in the barn by a tiny black demon named edith. i will give carly full credit, she valiantly tried to tell edith to piss off a couple of times but edith had that wicked gleam in her eye and carly was right in the center of that glimmer.

carly decided rather quickly that caution was the better part of valor and hid behind my legs and stayed safely there until i got her back behind the gate. edith of course is quite pleased with herself as she scored a few more points in the goat vs the stupid dog war.

shelley took a lovely picture that nicole is going to post of carly, proud and regal before her resounding defeat.

Editted by Nicole to add the photo:




After seeing this picture, I would like to suggest a different caption to your message: "Gracious pitbull declines to get into altercation with antisocial goat".