Rescue Journal

i am a tour guide.

Carol  ·  Jun. 12, 2008

so...i ended up doing four tours today...the last one finished at 8 pm. lots of very nice people. jewel pretty much had a ball stuck in her mouth all day long...that dog likes to play. she did drop the ball to chase sticks in the pond...i think she is still pretty damp.

the dump run is done, i have not gotten to the list for supplies needed for the work party this weekend, nor for synergy staff volunteer day on the 21st yet...i have GOT to get those lists done and the supplies by tomorrow. but the memorial garden area bush is scraped out and is a blank landscape just waiting for some magic...i think it is going to be great.

i think my plans for organizing and re-doing some of the animal areas will have to wait til next week cuz apparently this week is almost over...holy crap time flies when you are busy.

i am taking jewel into the vet tomorrow. i have no idea what is happening because i have never seen this before, but her tongue is changing color. it has gone from a very healthy normal pink to a deep charcol on the edges and deep red brick colored brown in the is just ODD....i don't get it. she feels good, otherwise she looks quite good, but no tongue on earth is that weird and strange color. bizarre.

i lost hook this morning...not lost as in dead, lost as in i could not find him. weeks ago he moved up onto the counter in the laundry area and hung out there and on top of the dryer. we put his cat box up there, food and water bowls, and a couple of beds. he has stayed there happily in his tiny world until this morning. you might remember that hook was diagnosed with being full of cancer a few weeks ago, so suddenly having him disappear caused us alot of concern. we looked in every shelf, every cupboard, every nook and cranny and then we looked hook anywhere and i was starting to panic. i finally decided i had accidently shut him inside the dryer, we pulled everything out but still no hook...i was close to a heart attack.

i finally found the little one eyed beast under the tv shelf. from there he moved over to the couch in my den and has made himself at home. i am not having food, water, and litter boxes on my couch (it would make a terrible mess) so he should move back to the laundry area unless he plans on moving around a bit more.

anyway i was happy to find him and he is still doing well. i love that cat, he is an incredible cat with an incredible presence and a character that is as bright, quiet and full as the moon.



Hi Emma and Carol

I dont believe we will be able to use the water fountains in our new place but thank you so much for your kind offer just the same!



lol...she is on pred. bev i am trying to get her off it!
emma...tracey is with katies place in maple ridge if they want them you can drop them here and i will deliver.


Tongue weirdness...I had a Mal foster with EOSINOPHILIC GRANULOMA COMPLEX...omg sounds bad eh? It is a hypersensitivity reaction that has been reported in cats, dogs and horses. Sensitivities to insects, foods, bacteria and other environmental factors. Basically her tongue started to change color then ulcers showed up. If I recall correctly we treated it with Pred.


Who is Tracey and how do I go about getting these to her if she wants them?


we had a dog in at work whose tongue was like that - it looked like he had a piece of bacon sticking out of it. (otherwise all his vitals were good)


lol tracey, you guys are more than welcome, it was good to see you all again plus...a. i like introducing our guys to a wider world who think they are great...and b. i do know where you live (altho if phoebe disappeared over your way, i might not come looking!)
and emma, we can't use them, our electrical supply is maxed out with heaters in the winter and coolers in the summer (and the odd tv set everywhere) but tracey might be able to use them for their new soon to be finished cat shelter?


Thanks for taking time out of your crazy day to play tourguide to us today.

Oh... by the way... if Maude or Raymond or Percy or Sissy or Buddy or Monty or Ronnie or The Rock or (insert any other animal's name here) suddenly pull a "Hook" of their own... Heck, if Hook himself pulls another disappearing act do not... I repeat... DO NOT come to my house looking for them; nope, absolutely no need for of search visit of that nature at all... ;)


Carol - can you make use of two plug in cat water fountains? or know anyone that would like them? ( I sent you an e-mail too about this)