Rescue Journal

vacation day 2

Carol  ·  Jun. 12, 2008

i have a couple of tours booked for today, i have GOT to get the dump run done, the excavator is coming this morning to clean out our future memorial garden site. i have a number for a private person that will deliver a pick up full truck of shavings. so i am hoping to connect with them and get a load brought in for jeanette's sleeping place. (the 100 bags of shavings i bought suck for that particular job, they are not that absorbent and they don't pack down well enough to make her a thick and dry bed.). and if i can arrange this delivery for today, i will get the excavator to dig out the old stuff from her area today too. princeton gets his feeding tube pulled at 11 am so that will be one less giant worry.

lot's of stuff to do, not likely to be bored today. it would be nice if the rain took a break so we don't get wet doing all of the things that need to get done.



it is a good vacation bev, i am only working one full time job not two...i slept in til 0745 this

ooops and it was 3 tours booked for today, not two.


sigh...bad, bad cat. when i went to stick him in the carrier, i noticed he had removed his own feeding tube. he ripped it right out of the sutures so it was a nice mess for me to clean before i could take the sutures out too.
i cancelled the appointment, no point in paying a vet for what alfred princeton could do for free (but not with as much delicacy.) and he is stuck in a bandage for a bit longer cuz it will now take the area longer to close up and heal....apparently he is an impatient, do it yourself kind of cat....i told him some things are best left to the experts.


stop calling alfie princeton - bad bad name. alfred if you must. but yay for him - no more feeding tube!