Rescue Journal

change is not always easy (or fun)

Carol  ·  Jun. 16, 2008

we have moved the barn guys down to the lower pasture to enjoy the fresh grass. this has presented a whole new set of challenges..the biggest of which is getting jeanette safely up and down the slope. gosh she is getting old now, she moves so slowly and carefully...even tentatively. i have to watch her going down so she doesn't tip over on that pendulous right side, she carries herself off center because of it. and coming back up the path at night is just painfully slow, she just does not have the back end strength to push herself effectively up the hill.

so i walk down hill beside her, like i could stop her from falling over and i walk uphill behind to give a helpful push or two. oh i wish she would just stay up top, but she knows darn well the sweet green grass is down the hill.

it also means the barn guys now have free access to the front barn doors. they all converge on it to get their dinner and percy and both the goats are just pure unadulterated dolts.

and oh the sweet, sweet sheep...they are not happy to be shut out of their favorite upper field so they hang out in the barren riding ring hoping against hope that the gate will magically open for them.

i want a conveyer belt for jeanette, i want a big freaking fence for percy and edith and pete, i want the sheep to want to go down and munch on the sweet fresh grass...

bloody barn guys, the horses and carl are the only ones handling the change of venue all that difficult can a simple pasture switch be?