Rescue Journal

i am utterly bagged

Carol  ·  Jun. 18, 2008

so much for resting up on my has been busy, it has been stressful, it has been challenging and it has been a bit nutzoid too. the new tractor is here with its very cool attachments...i received my first lesson in operation and now i have a headache. i will spend the next few days getting used to it and getting it used to me before i try to do anything too constructive with it, like liming, fertilizing, and re-seeding the upper field. it is time we get more independent and versatile around here and that means taking over and doing the things that we can do (with some practice and the right equipment.)

so all the deliveries are set and confirmed for sometime on friday and then we are good to go for the memorial garden day...i might be in a wheelchair by then.

new incoming on thursday...Rusty, a little, old, toothless, barking pom. new incoming today...saints welcomes Oka...a senior rotti. his dad is moving and had a home for him today with a friend but the new home crapped out this morning. he was sitting in the parking lot of the local shelter which was full with the dog and no where to go. they gave him our number...i was not a happy camper, but actually, nice guy and a very nice dog.

tugs returned from foster care today...he is not the same dog who left here a year ago..looks like he has been stroking, he is now quite anxious and is in kidney failure with full incontinence now, too much for his foster home to handle. i think he is over 17 yrs old now hopefully he will be ok about being back.

i got my brakes and ball bearing joints done so now my van feels safe once again and that is a relief cuz i cannot afford to have it crap out yet..i need it to go a few more miles.

the tour went very well, the kids had a good time and the animals enjoyed their visit....a very nice group of teenagers, i enjoyed their visit too.
on tonights menu is the fitting in of Oka, the soothing of Tuggles and reading the manuals for the tractors and stuff.