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Carol  ·  Jun. 20, 2008

jeanette...still down..still trying to get up...still getting herself into bad positions that require us to shift her around which is HARD! i finally let percy in the field with her...i kept him out knowing that he wouldn't ever hurt her but knowing full well he might hurt me. when she gets distressed, he gets upset and he starts charging and bucking at me....that makes it even harder to get to her to relieve her distress when he is acting like a panicked bucking bronco bent on flattening the person coming to help..

anyway, i am not sleeping in the field tonight..i am WAY behind on the laundry and have at least 15 loads..i have a spent full total of like 30 seconds three times today touching and speaking to oka and rusty and tugs, not fair, not right. plus the other guys need me so my plan is to check her every two hours thru out the night which is still more sleep than i got last night. and if she is in trouble i will phone for help and entice percy out of the field with some grain once the troops
arrive. and then i can get thru the laundry, spend some quality time with the new guys and maybe get some extra cleaning done.

boots has a new name and it is "tucker" and he got his new name in his new foster home. chris, deb and angelina welcome their third saint into their home...he is still for adoption but he gets the perfect home to wait in until if and when his next perfect home arrives...yay tucker! thx you guys, that dog deserves everything you so freely give.

we all practiced driving the new garden tractor today...we used it mostly for hauling more and more bales of hay to jeanette to try to keep her from laying out flat. my goal is that each and every one of us is comfortable with it's operation so any of us can use it when we need it to help us do our work. no more having just one or two of us know how to do something, we all need to know how to do things so saints works more efficiently...and anyone who knows me knows i can't stand being dependent...i think we all owe it to saints to be as independent as we possibly can.

garage sale at kathy's tomorrow, synergy memorial garden day's hoping that jeanette can rise to percy's love for her...i left them together in the field licking each other..he.. her head and... she... his cheek, just happy to be together again.

oh and we had to take james bond into the vet...he wasn't weight bearing in his right front leg...he is pushing 18 puncture wounds, no broken bones but his elbow was painful so they did an xray...probably arthritis and he probably hurt himself jumping down from the bed or the counter. they gave him a long acting antibiotic just in case and an anti-inflamatory injection that should see him thru til monday...if no better, i am to take him back in for follow up.

rusty has a vet check on monday to see if his crippled leg is an old fracture that maybe could be repaired and oka has to go in to get his VERY long nails cut but i will book that for later in the week...i am NOT cutting black dagger length nails for the very first time in eyes are no longer good enough to see the quicks.

ok...i think that is all the news from today.


Chris T

This morning he actually let me know he needed to go out. So we trooped out, off with the belly band and he peed.What a good boy! He appears to be quite tired this morning as he was so very busy yesterday. He is laying in the front porch and sleeping.


lol...go ahead...your failure is tuckers pass with flying colors..he will stop the marking at least, he only did that here for the first couple of days.


Tucker likes to empty garbage cans, too, and mark his territory. No worries, he'll fit right in. :) We have counter-surfing garbage hounds, diggers, leaky creaky little dogs and Kirby, who is madly in love with his own Mr. Winky. A belly band will end Tucker's inside marking habit, and we can figure out the fridge.
Tucker is very food motivated, which makes life so much easier.I can see him learning his new name in a couple of days.He already knows "sit", and realizes that "good boy" can be roughly translated to "liver brownie".
Thank you for entrusting Tucker to our care, Carol.We appreciate your faith in us. We'll care for him as if he were one of ours, because once an animal walks into our hearts, s(he) is family. He is a sweet and engaging little dog, and I know he'll fit in really well. If the perfect adoptive home becomes available for him, we'll have to let him go, but I gotta tell ya, I am a dismal failure at Fostering 101. I'm much better at Adopting 101. :)
Welcome Tucker. We hope you'll like it here.


they know...i am more worried about his insistence on using humping instead of "hello"

i hear coyotes tonight..which means that jeanette hears them too. gotta be scary in a pasture all alone in the dark, unable to rise and hearing the coyotes calling across the fields.
percy has buggered off to the riding ring leaving jeanette alone...sigh..ah well to the laundry, crap to the mosquitos...i am off to the field again for camping night out number two.


carol, i hope you informed Chris, Deb and Angelina of Tucker's new ability to open and empty fridges.


Feel free to call me during the night if I can be of help with Jeanette in an emergency, Carol. I'm only two minutes away.