Rescue Journal

i think, maybe...

Carol  ·  Jun. 21, 2008

saints can welcome back again...tugs...he seems to have found his mind again. he greeted me in the kitchen this morning when i came into the house...i got a waggy tail and a couple of his little happy bounces. he is fussy and pacing again cuz i am not still in the kitchen but thats ok, i saw the tugs i once knew so i know he is still in there somewhere...welcome back sweetie-pie, i see you.
jeanette drank a full bucket of water before i left her this morning, but her tongue is still blue. i am thinking she had a mild heart attack during her recent mud trauma which is why she still can't get her back legs to work. i need to get her back up into the riding ring...that is the softest surface here and where she stands the greatest chance of being able to push herself up again. i am thinking on this....moving an immobile, non weight bearing, 1000 pound cow 300 feet or more will be a bit of a challenge. and i am telling you straight out, that while jeanette was very happy for the company during the night, (her tears stopped and she chatted with me occasionally thru out the night) i personally will not survive too many more nights in that field, the ground is too hard, the air is too damp and this morning i feel like i am setting myself up for pneumonia.

cuddles was as ever my faithful companion but even he seemed more resigned and less enthusiastic about camping out again. and laundry, blah, i'd rather go lay on the couch....and it better not rain today, i've had enough tough is memorial garden building day!



thx for the tip...i will call around on monday and see if we can find one.


Hi Carol
I have heard about dairy farmers using "float tanks" to help cows get back on their feet. I wonder if anyone in your area has used one or has access to one.
I hope she is okay and can get up on her own soon, she sounds like a really sweet cow.


Carol will come up and get the laundry today. Im so happy that Tug is doing so much better. Will see you around 3 or 4 sorry its so late. Elaine ps will bring the trap back also thx .


Sorry to read about Jeanette! Is there any possibility of borrowing an inflatable lifting bag from one of the dairy farms around there? (It is slid under them and inflates to help them back up.)