Rescue Journal

the weekend is was two very full days.

Carol  ·  Jun. 22, 2008

it was a good day..laura, lana, tammy, lynn and eva put a few more finishing touches on the garden. mo took care of the dogs and the barn and i played farmer with the "great pumpkin"(our garden tractor) and poked holes, limed. fertilized and re-seeded the upper was fun but i am sore from bouncing around...apparently i have alot of unfriendly-tractor muscles that need tuning up.

jeanette was tenderly cared for by everyone, one of the fireman stopped by to see how she was doing. she still cannot get her back legs moving...we will have the vets back out again tomorrow and see what they say. i hope they shoot her full of more steriods and calcium and say we can wait a bit longer, i am afraid they will not offer that again as a possible solution and i will ask about the inflatable cow lifter but i am not sure she has the back end strength to stand even if we lift her right to her feet.... it is all supposition we won't really know til they come and see her tomorrow. but the good news is she continues to try to rise, she is eating and drinking very well, she is content and happy to be where she is and remains quite comfortable.

i think i need to go to bed, i am still very tired tonight...i checked her and she is ok right now, and i am happy with that.