Rescue Journal

jeanette and the vet

Carol  ·  Jun. 23, 2008

she is still down but still doing ok, the vet says we can wait a bit yet and see what happens...YAY!!!!! trina has a dairy farmer friend and he is going to come and help us to use hip lifters to dangle her for a bit, but i need to ask the neighbors if we can borrow our old tractor to do the lifting...stay tuned, the saga of jeanette continues.



OMG... i just had the best laugh here at work I have ever had. Thanks for that Beverly... with the size of those cow pies... we may have to split the $1000 2...perhaps even 3 ways. Since the cows came... I actually am getting biceps.


omg beverly that is a great idea and we can share it with other downed cows too (cuz no cow likes to be down)...i bet the farmers around here would all buy a couple of tickets!


I was thinking about an idea for you on the lifter. You have lots of space there so why not do something like a Jeanette Bingo lol?

Say mark off 500 1 foot squares for bingo day. In advance pre sell all 500 squares for $15 a pop. ($7500) Whoevers "square" Jeanette poops in that morning gets say $1000, the rest covers the lift :)

Gee you could have goat bingo, piggy bingo, horse bingo lol!


the vet warned me that it looks pretty barbaric. there is a floater pool for downed cows fills with water and raises them that way by natural bouyency (sp?)...much kinder and less one in the valley has one cuz they cost about $5000....i am thinking that if we get jeanette up again, we should have a special fundraiser to buy one!


Glad to hear she is doing well still!
Don't watch any you tube videos of hip lifters cause you won't like what you see. Done patiently / caringly it's not so's kinda stressfull for all concerned but she needs to get up :(

Thinking of you & your girl!