Rescue Journal

jed and the vet

Carol  ·  Jun. 23, 2008

mugsy finally decided that jed's possession of testicles had to be dealt with so at 0930 this morning mugsy the meanie sliced open jed's ear. jed promptly fell down unconscious and had a small seizure... his crappy heart is not made to suffer ear slicing stress. anyway, he got up, i cleaned his ear and off we went for the morning field run. all was well until 1500 hours when his freaking ear started to pour blood. i tried to do a head pressure wrap but jed's massive head was way beyond my level of expertise...soooo...we ran to the vet and they did his pressure head wrap and now he looks like the walking least the ear stopped bleeding.

he gets to keep wearing his nifty aqua blue head gear til friday...he damn well better not try to shake it off.

bad mugsy.

now i have to wash the blood off me and get ready to go to my daughter's dance recital.

rescue seems like it might be sucking again lately.


Eva Stock

Excuse me, I need some pics too. The charts you know!! Eva Smile. Will make a new list for you Nicole as soon as I have time. I have been very busy this week.


she couldn't down load them lynne...she needs your camera cord, the one here isn't the right one.


i went up there tonight to get my camera, took jesse for a walk, spent some time with oka, oh my god what a sweet dog i wish i did not have 3 dogs of my own plus a husband, the drawback to dog rescue, because he would be so mine,. he layed with his head on my lap and gave me lots of great kisses..with a jealous darla ooking on she got hugs to. i saw jed and he looks wild in his head gear. hope jeanette is going to be okay,what a sweet cow. nicole hope you could ue some of my pis and video. i am not the best at it but did try.