Rescue Journal

food for thought

Carol  ·  Jun. 25, 2008

jeanette stayed down today...the vet suggested we lift her with the tractor 3 or 4 times a let's be realistic...i don't have that kind of help around here and we are already imposing on alot of people's kindness and good will. so jeanette will get lifted again tomorrow evening when trina's farmer friend is free and i will ask our neighbor again if he minds bringing his tractor over...please jeanette just get up on your own soon before everyone hates us both.

i finally got my snow tires off and my all seasons put back on...gee it only took me til the end of june...way to go carol, time flies when you are having no fun. my holidays are almost over, i go back to work on the weekend...can't say i enjoyed them all that much, they pretty well sucked every day....i think i will be glad to get back to the real world, rescue is too freaking hard.
i forgot to mention that the reason rusty can't use one of his back legs is because it is fused...a stage four luxating patella with full muscle atrophy...we won't be able to fix it, it is a good thing he is a pom....they can easily motor around on three legs unlike big and goofy jed-dogs.

i am so not ready to go back to work yet, i have too many loose strings around here that need to get tied up....loose strings are like junk piling up here, it drives me completely up the wall.

tiger lily is absolutely adorable.. she is standing here looking at me, sending me hungry mental messages...apparently a certain 18 yr old poodle is in need of an evening snack....she is so freaking cute.

do you think that if everyone in the world truly believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that god was watching and keeping score on each and every one of us...that suddenly alot of stupid, unkind, cowardly, and dishonest human acts would suddenly disappear? for thought.