Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jun. 28, 2008

elaine just came and got me (cuz i am not answering my phone)...joey her foster dog had hurt himself and was laying out in the yard, trying to bite her when she tried to help him (he is a bit of an ass) i pop on down to check on him and it looks to me like he has buggered up his knee. his timing is perfect cuz wed. he goes in for a dental and while he is under they can xray his leg...i left him some pain meds to see him thru til then, he is now up and partially weight bearing but he does look sore.

the OMG!!! part comes from the bloody mosquitoes that ate me alive while i was there...freaking things, never leave the house in the summer months during the evenings without a ton of bug off lathered on. anyway, i just about killed myself again driving home, not from falling asleep but from trying to scratch my very itchy feet.

i had a quick bath and poured on some stop itch and was just starting to feel a little bit better when phoebe decided to be a hag. she went after raymond who was just trying to lay down but she took offence because it was too close to her couch. i have her shut out in the cat run right now and i was going to let her back in but then she tried barging thru the blocked doggy door and knocked over the garbage that was full of like 20 pounds of old cat litter. so she is still out there til i get un-mad at her and i hope the mosquitoes are having a great red and whirling wonder hag snack....relax tammy, i will let her back in a minute or two.
now that is what rescue should really be about, pain in the butt animals, not pain in the butt anything elses...and even with blood sucking mosquitoes that torment innocent rescuers... i can manage those if i remember to put on bug off to keep them away.



Gee whiz I hope Phoebe didn't get too badly eaten from the mosquitos. I'm sure she will tell me the whole story when I see her tuesday.