Rescue Journal

here's hoping for a miracle today

Carol  ·  Jun. 29, 2008

both mo and i have a left over headache from trying to erect a shade shelter over jeanette in the blinding noon time heat. i wonder if jeanette has a left over headache too cuz she was the one who was really suffering in the heat. percy was a good boy, he left the shelter alone last night so jeanette is protected again today. the vet came yesterday and gave her an iv pain injection to help her to settle and relax. he said he would come again today if needed and just to give him a call..he is a very kind man. i am reaching the end of this and losing all hope...even tho the vets tell me that they have had cows down for weeks before they got up once again...we all know that jeanette is truly ancient and weak in her back end on the best of days and this might not happen for her.

it sucks to watch her struggle to rise and survive and fear that she just can't win. to whoever is in charge of saints....we need a miracle..i promise i'll kill her quickly the next time she goes down but please not now after she's tried so very hard. help her to get up and stay up and lay down and get up again on her is what she wants so badly, it is what she is fighting for every single day...that cow has courage and strength and determination and she is even a very kind and generous and compassionate cow...please, one little miracle for all that she is.

don't ask me why but maude is curled up in one of our giant litter boxes this morning...that dog is simply wierd...there are 2 large unoccupied beds, plus the entire floor and maude has to lie in a box full of sawdust...thx babe that ought to make a nice mess when you decide to start your day.

ok...i better get dressed, mix up some more beet pulp (cuz i forgot to do that last night) and give jeantte a drink of will be here early to watch her while i am at work and i am hoping if i work hard and smart, i can get off a bit early cuz i am pretty sure i am on my own inside the shelter staff, no volunteers so i need to get back here and clean the place up as early this afternoon as i can.