Rescue Journal

saints in a nutshell

Carol  ·  Jul. 3, 2008

jeanette died today...laura and lana and i were there to help her thru. i finally had finished my on and off crying by noon.
percy did ok...he is occasionally wandering and bawling but he is seeking company and comfort from the other barn guys.

eva and i got the dump run done and the ladies from chilliwack came to visit and shared lunch with jesse. tammy got to the rabbits and running phoebe.
renee and trina and kathy got the house and barn stuff done and elaine took away the laundry.

the sheep finally got sheared. annie decided it was kissy's fault so she kept head butting her in retribution and kissy told her to bugger off, she hadn't done anything at all. percy thought we had new sheep cuz they looked so different from the old so he licked them all over and over in welcome and they didn't seem to mind at all.

the dogs finally got for a late afternoon run and swim and now they are all filthy dirty and wet. jewel found the better part of a tree and managed to keep oka from taking it away from her.

we had some thunder which freaked out the dogs, cole is apparently now fully deaf cuz he didn't hear a thing. i had to quickly shift some of them around so they were closer to me while they were scared.
and the rain while annoying to the rest of the summering world is a very welcome thing to me. the fields are finally getting some rain and the grass in the memorial garden is too....and that is saints in a nutshell today...just doing the best we can do.

thank you to everyone who chipped in today, even a nutshell can hold alot of good.