Rescue Journal

i just watched "the great debaters"

Carol  ·  Jul. 5, 2008

hmmmm...great movie, true story...puts things in perspective.....such struggles our past hero's had to right the wrongs of yesterday.

my struggles in life are so puny by comparison...hah, there isn't even any comparison...i think i better just shut up and be thankful for all we have here.

morality is not a coat i can put on and off depending on what is in it for me. there is a scene in the movie where a white cracker belittles and steals from an honest black man...later the cracker has the courage to attend a secret/dangerous meeting to unite both black and white sharecroppers to form a union..and even later to stand in protest when the leader (also a black man) was arrested and put in jail for instigating civil disobedience by organizing the "communist" meeting ....the act of stealing from one honest black man and then supporting yet another honest man of color....was the second act one of courage or was it because he ultimately stood again to gain?

i love thought provoking much does our sense of right or wrong, our determination to fight the right fight, the morality we wear like a badge of courage upon our sleeves... depend on what is in it for "me"?

sigh, maybe instead of blogging, i should take up movie reviews.