Rescue Journal

today i feel somewhat at peace

Carol  ·  Jul. 6, 2008

everything is done (except my laundry) i just have to put the barn guys to bed. the little blind, diabetic JRT did not arrive, his mom decided she wasn't ready to give him up yet...good for him, good for me, he is off my list now and that is good all around.

oliver was being a bit of a bastard and growling when angelina went to let him outside to pee. it just reinforced my decision to not waste time and energy and stress him and everyone else out trying to mix him in....his mom's are home on thursday, he is fine on his own in the deluxe holiday suite til he goes home. i still think he is cute in a warped and gollum like way....but i will be happy to send him home....the dogs want that room back anyway, they are only loaning it to oliver for now.

eva and i spent a few quiet minutes out in the memorial garden late this afternoon...she untangled some of the windchimes and i painted one side of the soon to be namesake memorial table....we can't wait to hang all the rest of the chimes and to get the benches and their name stones all will be so great to visit there when it is done, esp. at the end of the day.
percy was also a bit of a toad this morning...he wanted to play with mo and she had a hard time getting safely away. i am hoping he is just a little out of sorts and not forgetting again that he is supposed to be a cow, not a human playmate. i will watch him carefully, if he does keep getting out of hand..screw all the plus's and minus's we will just have to find him another cow friend to hang out with instead of him trying to hang out with us.

back to work tomorrow...i better get some of my personal laundry done up.