Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 11, 2008

now that i am finished (at least for now) with going all gooey over raymond..funny how that works...your dog probably has a tumour...OMfreakingG!!!!...oh well raymond has always had a big chunk of me, now he'll get even more....anyway, back to reality of day to day.

i took jess for a walk just before midnight last night, the sky was clear, the stars were all out, and the memorial garden is beautiful in the dark of the night. the front shop motion detecter light illuminated the area perfectly...and now i know we can even visit this special place late at night.

speaking of the shop, the hearing went well. the eviction does not fall under the residency act because it is a commercial building. it has gone to our lawyers now for them to deal with which means it is no longer my problem to worry about...this is also good cuz i am all for someone else dealing with this crap, they know what they are doing and i am utterly past caring. it leaves me free for more important things and i am quite happy about that....another big stress off my plate.

i slept right thru for a full 6 hours last night and that is another good thing. the only thing making me sad this morning is sweet little sissy shivering. she is on my lap wrapped in a fleece, she so wants the fireplace on. sorry babe, i need a break from the big gas bills, so my lap and the warm fleece is the best that i have got....besides, it is going to be hot soon in a few hours.

so my thought for today...patience, patience for raymond, patience for sissy, patience for me to practice while awaiting legal solutions. while i am waiting patiently, i am designing our new storage food, cat litter, cat beds, all stacked neatly in a row, dry dog food, canned dog food, leashes and collars sorted and stacked, crates, cages, traps, tools, equipment, all of our supplies, excess barn feed, hay stacks, shavings bales and our new little tracter, in there and waiting to help us move things from A to B...tidy, visible, organized easily accessible...and can it be true? my winter tires, my lawn mower and all of my personal belongings out of the driveway and finally out of my ex-house and where i can get to them when i happen to need them....that is how i will patiently wait, dreaming and planning for my life to get a whole lot easier soon, when i can finally get all of this stuff that is piled everywhere, in every building, in every nook and cranny, and mostly right in my way...out and neatly organized in one storage space....for this i patiently wait.


Chris T

Angelina rocks as an organizer! She has a great ability to see how things can fit together!


i actually suck at organizing too...i do it so much better in dreams. i so am open to all kinds of help to get this place streamed lined and functioning more efficiently....feel free to start imagining and planning the new storage space...40x40, almost 2000 square feet of open space just waiting for us to fill up.


i am not very good at organizing but i can bring food you sound a bit more at ease. hope all goes well with the bloodsucking lawyers lol i still need to get a sponsorship form for raymond will try again on line or maybe pick it up tomorrow. see you then


I'm useless at organizing, but I can lift heavy things. :)
I'm so glad the tenancy hearing went well. Maybe the tide is finally changing and your stress level will decrease. I know it's damn well about time you caught a break.


I took am an organizational nut. :) So when the time comes, just let me know!


This is fantastic news Carol. And if you need any help with organizing the new storage facility I looooooove organizing. Shelley