Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Jul. 14, 2008

spritely's leg is marginally improved. we continue on with the hosing and meds.

we are probably going to lose red today. the last ditch injectible abx hasn't done a thing for him, he is so sick, and not getting any better. sunrise did get better but he lost so much weight, i think he will be the next one to pass and sanjaya appears to be heading down the very same road. this disease prognosis is usually less than two years from symptom onset to death. the americats have been with us for almost one year, and we know they tested positive last july at the time of their rescue but not how long they were ill before that time. i think the next few months is going to be devastating and this is what i did not consider....we have already lost two, and red will soon be three....what if because of the unknown date of infection of an entire colony that were rescued together... we start losing all of them together and quickly? i thought they would stay healthier if they were not exposed to continuing new incoming infections...but, the advantage of just taking them in one at a time from different sources is...their date of infection is different and then you don't lose them all bang in a row which is exactly what might be happening here.

or maybe i am just worrying because i seem to have to worry about something. whatever will be, will be...but gosh, those are simply the worlds nicest and sweetest cats...and i don't want to start losing alot of them too close to together....that's just too hard.

lady has settled in well...she is the worlds fastest air licker. sam came yesterday and groomed squirt and tugs and sparky so they didn't have to be stressed with a trip to the shop. tugs had a terrible time anyway...his little mind just can't handle the stress so we stopped with him when the worst was taken care of so at least he is comfortable now and can see. i was afraid sparky would stroke again so she just had her face and eye cleaned up and squirt did not too badly at all.

cleo had her curving dewclaws done and only one other nail...she was freaking too so we left it at only doing the critical and everything else can just wait.

the memorial garden is finished...the chimes and finishing touches were completed yesterday...just the front gate needs to be added and then it is done and we have a magical secret garden to retreat to on all of the difficult days.



I hope the surviving Americats can regain some strength and extend their lives of peace and contentment for a while longer. What a hideous disease these sweet animals are fighting.
Hang in there Red, Sunrise and Sanjaya, but if you can't, and it just gets too hard, tell Carol, and she'll help you go softly.


the memorialgarden is just beautiful, relaxing and a moment away from time. it is a totally different place to go and a great place to take afavorite animal or two. great job all who worked on it