Rescue Journal

a couple of important things to note

Carol  ·  Jul. 17, 2008

A. emails are not getting thru to me at home thru shaw, i can check them at work but not at home and after tomorrow i will be home for 4 days off.. if someone needs me..try my alternate

B. scratch the open house for aug 10th...i am working an afternoon shift that day and for some really stupid reason, i thought i could squeeze in both...NOT! we are now looking at mid september and will post and confirm ASAP.

C. nicole is both phone and internet-less right now...apparently telus is supposed to fix her up tomorrow but don't anyone hold their breath.

D. i think i have been stone walling the admission of 2 senior dogs for about 6 months too many, i didn't ask too many questions cuz i really did not want to know...i am going to see them tomorrow, please god don't let me have made a very big mistake....i need to stone wall them some more.



Hi Carol,
about the open house, i look forward to it. please say if treats are ok to bring and what treats are best.

thank you,


I am not sure if it is the same thing but our emails were not coming thru. When I contacted Telus I was advised that an upgrade had been done and if you have a firewall you cannot pick up your emails. I don't know what kind of upgrade would cause that so I closed my firewall and tested and voila the emails came thru. This has been for a week now so I have to keep putting the firewall on and off. After reading the emails reset it. Not a good thing and Telus has said they are working on the issue. Again not sure but Jean also mentioned she was not getting her emails so something to check out with Shaw..