Rescue Journal

quick updates

Carol  ·  Jul. 18, 2008

raymond is aimlessy wandering less and sleeping more. i think he is becoming more comfortable and i also think he is weaker.

sunrise is still losing weight...looks like he might have a sore tooth. we have started him on pain meds initially to see if there is any response and because of his shyness i will carefully have to plan a trip to the clinic to see if that is the problem and if we can fix it without totally messing him up.

we started jewel and iky on rescue remedy to see if we can just settle them a bit and james bond is also starting on some because he has begun bullying a couple of the other cats.

stripe is on abx for a UTI, lady's UTI is getting better...jed is beginning to feel quite well so now i am watching him closely with the other dogs...unneutered males who feel quite well can become a management issue quite quick.

spritely is thru her leg crises, her swelling is back to within normal limits for her, as mo put it "whew, we dodged another bullet".....lets hope our bullet dodging skills continue for many more years.