Rescue Journal

saints welcomes...

Carol  ·  Jul. 18, 2008

tawnie and sarah, who i should have been welcoming 6 months ago. they are both very lovely and sweet, sweet dogs and i know they are going to love it here.

i need to put a couple of reminders out there to everyone who comes to saints....this is an animal sanctuary....this place is for the animals first and foremost. it is my responsibility to care for them and keep both them and anyone who visits here safe. i cannot anticipate who is coming to visit if i do not know in advance and i cannot protect the animals or the visitors if i am not here.

our long term staff and volunteers are free to come and go...they understand the expectations, they understand ALL of the animals and their individual needs, they understand our safety protocols, they know how and when to call me for help. they have earned that right and knowledge by the committed and continued dedication to learning all that they possibly can about each individual animal and what they need here to be happy and to be safe.

but we are not and cannot safely be a drop in center for a quick warm and fuzzy or a fill yourself up. there are 90 sick and elderly and not always nice animals roaming around, all with ever changing health and emotional needs...that in itself is cause for caution and a great deal of expectation is that visitors understand and respect this and not put either themselves or the animals at risk. please do not come without letting me know and giving me the opportunity to say... sorry, i am not here that day or i am busy with the animals or other things...please respect the fact that it takes alot to keep this place running smoothly and safely and it is not as easy and simple as it appears on the surface of things.