Animal Updates

More pics from the BBQ yesterday!

Chris  ·  Jul. 21, 2008

Here are some more pics from the picnic yesterday:


Mo feeding the dogs:

Jewel, Andy and 2 other dogs:

Iky, Lexi and Carol's foot.


Another shot of Copper and the Daisy with Cole:

Ellie Mae - flaked out for her afternoon nap:

More of Mo feeding the dogs:

Dogs all hoping Lana will feed them:


And our foster dog Tucker 'laughing':

More pics of the Memorial Garden:

That's it folks!



Great pics. The memorial garden looks great - love the wind chime tree. I bet it is a truly tranquil spot when there is a light breeze. Wish I was there.


the daisy stops copper from slipping out the fences...he can actually shove that fat torpedo body thru 4 inch page wire...he either wears the daisy and gets to free run or he is stuck on a leash which isn't much fun.


Wonderful pictures! Looks like a good time was had by all.
It must have been mentioned in the past, but why does the beagle wear the daisy at gatherings? Is it just a favorite party hat?