Rescue Journal hotel but...

Carol  ·  Jul. 29, 2008

i did manage to stay away from here for long periods today. my headache is somewhat better, and it is quiet now with all of the comings and goings done. and i did get the med refills, i did get out to abbotsford to pick up from greyhound, 3 large boxes of donated medical supplies (i have no where to put them so they are still in my van til i have some time to shove them somewhere.) i did get the nippers to cut ellie's callous but.... i did not cut the callous cuz the nippers i got won't cut that freaking thing. i did pick up lady from the vets...her leg is stitched up and she is minus 15 of her teeth. i did manage to find two really nice accountants so now i have to decide which one. i did get into staples and pick up the self inking charity number stamp and a label maker that i ordered. and i did manage one tour today and answered several quite long winded telephone calls. i got to the farm vets and returned the hip lifters we borrowed for jeanette and i got to have a late lunch/early supper with eva and tammy and that was nice. all in all it was a pretty easy day, except for my headache of course. a little bit of my laundry, a little bit of the animals laundry too, maybe some tv and a hot bath tonight and maybe if i am lucky, to bed a bit early no hotel, but that was ok, i seemed to get better with just a little less stress, noise, and chaos around me than there usual is.



hey i got onto you tube and saw all the videos of oka.way to go she looked like she was having a blast. what a treat for her.

Francesca Wilson

I looked at OKA swimming on YOU TUBE. They are so sweet.


Nicole, I sent them to you let me know if it works. They are on YOU TUBE under "Oka from Saints swimming" and there is 4 videos.


Laura, can you email them to me at and i will put them up (with lynne's videos of jeanette aswell).


Hey Carol, I sent Oka's swimming videos to your shaw e-mail. I don't know how to get them on the blog for everyone to see. Just a techy in training!


i am glad your day went fairly well. try to have an early night and relax