Rescue Journal

iky has come back home

Carol  ·  Aug. 1, 2008

she just could not handle the stress of another change....massive separation anxiety... workable in a younger dog, but at 15? not a great way for iky to spend the last bit of her life. it doesn't really surprise me, not all dogs can fit themselves into even great homes and iky is more high strung and nervous than most, and messing around with ancient ones teetering on the edge is a crap shoot under the best of circumstances. i am hoping her foster family keeps looking til they find a dog that fits well because they really are a very good home and any dog would be lucky to land with them. iky i suppose will hang with us here where we are set up to deal with pretty much anything, including dogs in the middle of a senior melt down.

tunie doesn't seem to be feeling well this evening...she only ate half of her supper and she left some of her apple pieces in there too.

that freaking multi-purpose room is driving me over the edge...we can't even move in there anymore because of the recent donations of bits and bobs that have come in. it is piled high and wall to wall and that is NOT one of the purposes of that room.
early to bed tonight cuz i have to get moving really early staff again this weekend and quite a few visitors coming thru in the morning before i head to work at noon. my plan is to whip thru the cleaning, get the barn feed and the dog food donations in my van unloaded before 10 am when tiger lily's, tawnie's and sarah's family arrive, and then be ready for the visitors wanting tours arriving soon after that.

best laid plans of mice and men..... but....this place is such an utter mess and it stinks in here tonight..... i bet i do get it done cuz when it is bad, it drives me nutz and i WILL find where that smell is coming from!....the advantage in being quite stubborn is you don't quit til you get it done.

wish me luck that i don't find the source too soon, cuz then i might just stop before i am thru.



Carol, don't kill yourself doing everything. We will be there this morning to help!


hicarol i will be there in the morning to help and i am sure lana and laura will be too have a good evening