Rescue Journal

so i almost done tearing apart the cat room, and....

Carol  ·  Aug. 1, 2008

i have one blue wooden bench too many and i happen to LOVE that freaking blue wooden bench...hmmm, i might just have to tear it apart again. the good news is i found a ton of could be what was stinking around here, altho i am also creating a ton of laundry which might not be such a great thing.

i fell in the freaking store room and hurt my left arm, my neck and my back and that sucked. and i fell cuz there is no freaking room here and i tripped on a bunch of crap in the way.

sarah had a full blown seizure tonight and that kind of sucked too. she is fully recovered and i phoned her new mom to let her know and she is ok if sarah has a seizure condition so that is good.

the new cow is coming, she is a holstein and her name is "spot." apparently she is shy and hesitant around the other cows and hangs back while they are all eating. her current weight is about 1500 pounds so that puts her market value at $450...sigh, too bad she isn't a skinny cow but i am not about to dicker around over her life, it is a good way to lose her for sure and i am already becoming emotionally invested with her.

i guess i will go and tear the kitchen apart while i try to think of how to fit that blue bench back in the cat room.

and if you want to make dogs happy and get them to go to sleep...just throw a giant pile of dirty laundry in the middle of the floor, cuz buddy and sissy, and iky and molly and tiger lily, are all snoring away on it which means i can't pick it all up and take it to the laundry area....probably a good thing cuz my back hurts anyway.



Are you off tues Carol? I won't come out on the w/e if you are working aft. Is saints having a garage sale? I can store the stuff in my garage until then. I will bring out some stuff as it may by useful now. I don't want to overburden you-by the way I'm good at organizing things and fitting things in. Comes from growing up in an apt. I guess. Take care of yourself Carol. Too bad about Iky. Good news for Sarah, Tawnie, Tiger Lily, and Spot though.


i am so excited because i fit the blue bench back into the cat room.
i had a dog named spot once (i was 9 yrs old and named him myself) parents called the dog catcher to take him away about a year later cuz he was chasing and trying to bite the ankles of the parishioners on their way to church (it was probably those ladies who smelled like moth balls, wore mink jackets and pinched my cheek a thousand times and told me i was getting chubby)...he was a stray i found...mid size, solid short haired black dog with white speckles on his belly and no tail...everyone said he was homely but i thought he was beautiful.,.. he was a GREAT dog...she can keep her spot name, it is a very good name.


Is your ankle okay?

Spot? Spot?? What about Dot, short for Dorothy? This lucky cow will no doubt be clicking her hooves together and mooing "There's no place like home." as soon as she settles in and finds out what a cow's life should look like.
Dot? Dotty? Dorothy?