Rescue Journal

the day is done i seemed today was a bit shorter than usual.

Carol  ·  Aug. 3, 2008

ok, that was not a fun afternoon shift, glad i don't have many of those. luckily laura and lana were here to put the barn guys to bed. ellie was having a screaming pig meltdown and was seriously trying to take down the barn. never put a locked door between a princess and her dinner and bed, it just pisses them off big time. the dogs are a bit discombobulated cuz i got home later than usual but they had some cuddle time with L&L so i think they are just complaining cuz they think i don't know any better but i do.... L&L left me a note!
i was going to rip the kitchen apart tonight after work cuz i quite like the result of ripping apart the cat room...but it's kind of late so i don't think i will bother, i'll just finish up the last of the laundry instead.

phoebe is currently in a cat bed on top of raymond's sleeping crate. she is flipping the fleece around and over and under and just can't seem to get it the way she wants it tonight...probably because the one she is trying to flip the way she likes is too freaking small...i better go get her a bigger one or she will for sure pull a muscle and then she will fuss about having a sore neck.

so 2 days off now..i have got to catch up on saints paper stuff..that is my plan for tomorrow, i hope it works out cuz i need to get it done. and MAYBE i will rip apart the kitchen on one of these two days off...but i doubt it cuz something will get in the way like it always does and that kitchen will stay cluttered for awhile longer....never enough hours in the day for everything i think needs doing.