Rescue Journal

that was a weird night

Carol  ·  Aug. 4, 2008

the last 2 hours of my shift last night was spent on trying to fix a major staffing issue...since i am not a staffing/clerical person, this pretty much guarantees to put me into a bad mood.

i cleaned up around here, did the meds, switched over the laundry and then headed off to bed. it wasn't a great nights sleep..first there was an argument on the counter between 2 of the cats and then later someone got mad at raymond for wandering around so i had to get up and be nice to him.

TWICE maude managed to slide sideways under my bed which means when she turned over onto her chest, she couldn't get out again. it irritates me to have to get up, lift the bed up off the ground and stand there holding it for like 3 and half minutes while she decides that ok, now she has enough room to get up. this has happened before and i have tried putting a rubber mat there so she doesn't slide under but someone always pisses on it and it just makes more laundry.

and finally i had a bad dream which freaked me out and it is because i had to deal with staffing crap at work. so here is the dream...i am happily wandering around maple ridge, i think, taking a day off from saints. i don't have a care in the world and am enjoying myself. suddenly i run into the first of saints staff members..."hi" i said, "aren't you working today?" ..."no" says she.."i took today off"

hmmm, there goes my carefree feeling, i start walking back home to mission because maybe i forgot something i wasn't supposed to forget and i promptly run into staff person 2 and 3..."umm, hey, aren't you guys working?"...."no it's a stat today"...oh shit, i start to run for home now because apparently i walked from mission to maple ridge.

and the rest of my dream is me panicking, running for home, cursing my somehow now missing cell phone, the absence of my silver van and wondering if any volunteers were there or if the animals were all on their own.

that was a rotten way to get REM sleep, my heart was still pounding when i woke up from that dream. and how stupid is that dream anyway, like i would ever walk from mission to maple ridge, i barely even go to the mailbox without my trusty wheels.



Hey Carol when I win that trip to Mexico from the TG fundraiser I am going to take you. You can sit under a shady palm and read and drink coronas. Or you could rescue Mexican dogs. I understand they have skin parasites though. I am going to try to come out tomorrow, it depends on my moms cat. He has hyperthyroidism and it has effected his heart. He isn't eating again so we (meaning me) have to syringe feed him. The cat gets to take his thyroid med in gel form in his ear. I have the same thing and have to take 2 pills 3x a day. Not fair.

Chris T

Clearly you are stressed out and need some relief Carol. It is never a good sign when you have dreams like that. Hopefully things will resolve soon and you will feel better. I think it is a good idea to limit new, incoming animals until you are not having to deal with other, sideline stuff as it is too much - even for you. Take care and let us know if we can do anything. You know what we are good at!!!