Rescue Journal

so today actually was a good day.

Carol  ·  Aug. 5, 2008

i settled the argument over leaving with the tenant, i paid him some money and now he will go. right or wrong, good or bad, i don't even know, i just want that massive, crushing weight off my mind. sept first we will have possession of the shop so everyone get ready to help us move the piles of stuff around here everywhere, over to there... YAY!

our new most beautiful cow "spot" has arrived. she is breathtakingly, lovely. she has a horrid, frayed rope from transport around her neck which i am hoping she soon trusts me enough to remove. nicole has video of her arrival, it shows her saying hello to percy and then setting the boundries. now they are laying together out in the riding ring, getting to know each other quietly.

we had good company today, mo, nicole, tammy, renee and angelina were all here. we gave a tour to some visiting family of lynn's. and the only upsetting thing was pete head butting the little girl and making her fall...geez pete, gently!....she was littler than you! steve brought up the lumber to finish the americats outside climbing shelves and i can't wait for them to get outside and enjoy them.
i mailed the tax receipts, i made the bank deposit, i had a quick meeting with the new accountant, and i picked up more quatrisol for the barn will need some too because we can already see that she is a bit sore but not too badly for an ancient 19 yr old cow.

tunie is getting back to her old self, ellie napped away the afternoon under the trees, the dogs swam and ran around, rusty the rooster even came out and enjoyed the shade in the cooler grass, and a few of us went out for a beer and for lunch.

good day today..please, can this mean things are finally moving back into happy and good?