Rescue Journal

in case any inquiring american minds want to know....

Carol  ·  Aug. 6, 2008

the americats outside run and all of its climbing shelves will be fully complete by tomorrow. they are ALL hanging out by the windows watching every step of the way. i swear they know it is all about them and they are about to get outside to play.



i will ask nicole to take some pictures and then post them when she has time.
or if anyone else has some photos, they can send them to chris cuz she knows how to post them too.

see you both saturday morning emma!!

Eva Stock

As I was telling you earlier, I was washing the windows in the Americats room and opened the first window wide and Charlie came flying up there as he obviously had noticed (no screen) and I hadn't. He leaned his head out and looked all around as If to say I can go outside! I had a fit and quickly closed the window as the shelves and walkways were not in yet. I took in all the cat grass and Steve said, " they will soon have their own grass". Cool hey everybody. Be there some time tomorrow. Eva


I am looking forward to seeing their outside space. I'll be coming out on Saturday morning with Sandi Hutty who is coming to see Princeton (sorry Nicole - he looks princely to me) around 11 ish?.