Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 6, 2008

folks don't like me to pee on disney.

look...i don't care if people want to play house or barbie's with their own each his own and those animals have a home and a family, so go to town and have some fun if you want to, there is no harm in that. and i don't care if disney wants to write a fantasy story about 101 dalmations and a crazy lady who wants to wear them or a fox and hound who are friends. but...if they want to write a true life story, then i appreciate if it is really true and not 90% fantasy.

what i do really care about is belittling the animals at saints and turning them into some kind of make believe, lisping, child-like, innocent, warm and fuzzy/airy fairy cartoon characters to fulfill human nurturing needs. and i cannot, will not, use them as props to enhance myself. yes these guys have unique personalities, yes they have funny (or sometimes annoying) quirky ways and yes i can even clearly understand them sometimes and know exactly what they are up to and turn around and describe it to you in a funny humanized way.
but they are not babies, they are not mine or anyone else's children, they are not puppets in a stage play, they are not simply make believe characters in the stories of my life, they are NOT here for me to use for my benefit in any single way. they are fully (ok, in some cases...partially...) functioning beings with BRAINS and SPIRITS and PERSONALITIES and a LIFETIME of hardship and difficulties behind them who deserve a little more dignity than that.

most of them paid a really big price to finally get here, and i try to be respectful of that.. (but i will still call a dork a dork. even real life anyones can sometimes be a dork.)