Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Aug. 9, 2008

i love downpours that start as soon as you head out to put the barn guys to bed, progress to buckets flowing from the sky while you are out walking jesse and then suddenly stop altogether as you head up the path to the front door...if i was paranoid, i'd say someone was pissing on me but since it was beautiful and warm, i think it was a cleansing baptism in the rain.

oh for greener grass and fuller wells, come rain come!

spritely's leg is marginally better, she is sore but not in agony tonight.

rusty looks quite poor tho, he has decided to sleep in the shavings and not up on the perch which worries me. i think we are battling a losing war here, rusty is finally looking quite old.
say a prayer for mo and her beloved box baby, he is at the vets and quite ill. mo is beside herself with worry....hugs and positive thoughts will be greatly appreciated....i could not have possibly found those two incredible babes a more incredible home.


Eva Stock

I hopoe Rusty does a miraculous recovery as I like him so much. Eva The rest of the crew in there will miss him too, if something happens.


Ripley is my box baby that is not well.... I am hoping for good news toady. Thanks for the thoughts , they help.

Eva Stock

Oh my gosh Mo. Which Box baby is it? I will pray for the little one and hope for you to get the chance to keep both your babies. Thanks for being such a good Mom. Eva

So sorry about Rusty, I talked to him the other day and prayed he would get better. I think he is so cool and beautiful too.

Glad to hear that Spritely's leg is improving even slightly. Especially that she is not suffering so much. What a stellar horse! Eva


Sending lots of positive thoughts for Mo and her baby. Get well quick little one!!!!


It was really good to see the Americats again today Carol. They really are a sweet bunch. Sandi really liked Merlin and Ronnie. Jesse was licking my arms today and nudging my legs, usually she just lies around watching! I thought about scooping up Hook and driving back to Vancouver with him on my lap but knew I wouldn't be allowed back if I did.

Lots of positive thoughts from my clan to Mo and her box baby.