Rescue Journal

dawn wants to come and visit nola again...i better phone her back and tell her i am here for the next couple of days.

Carol  ·  Aug. 11, 2008

everyone was pretty frantic when i got home last night, altho they were not alone very long. renee was here til 3pm and laura was back at dinner time so i think they were again pretending it was alot lonelier around here than it actually was. i took jess for a walk, gave spritely her injection and then hit the couch with some of them and pretty much stayed there til bedtime.

raymond has diarrhea this morning, i am afraid to go check on rusty the rooster. i have to do a major dump run, unload the feed in my van and work on this weeks deposits and tax receipts. my extra job is to finish off filling the ex-TG shed with some of the stuff around here. it was too hard for them to get here to collect up the donations and food just doesn't store very well in a damp metal container. so we are buying the shed from them (they say we aren't and want it to be a gift to saints but we are paying for it cuz they need that money for the dogs and should not try to be more stubborn than me) anyway it is a good shed for lawn mowers and tires just not good for food. and that is my fault too cuz stan wanted to build a wooden one here and i wouldn't let him cuz i didn't want anything permanent standing there.

i have never said that i wasn't wrong sometimes but at least i don't expect others who are smarter than me to pay for my mistakes.

emma's teasing comment about sneaking hook home, hit me like a ton of bricks. i felt this momentary panic at the thought of his loss and then i remembered i was going to lose him one day. it is funny how a year with someone like hook can seem like a full lifetime. that is how much impact he has had on me with his little round, one eyed gaze and his little feet climbing up on my shoulder or hip or head to curl up and nap and occasionally just gently look at me from REALLY close up. cancer sucks.

nicole got the results from wesley rockstar's ultrasound, his bladder is full of cancer which we pretty much already knew. i know deep down she was hoping that it was something fixable but sadly it is not. wes is so very lucky that he captured her heart, he just adores not only nicole, but his whole entire last part of life spent with her. ahhhhh, this is the way it is suppose to be for them. yay rocky, yay wesley...YAY, YAY, YAY nicole for not being afraid to love a sweet and dorky giant sized dog and give him a home and a heart that he could dorkily rejoice in every day.



Oh Nicole, I wish things were far different for Wesley and for you. Such a lucky boy, your "dork", you looked at him and saw something special, and the result has been that he has known pure, unadulterated love and devotion since he became your boy. Everyone knows how much he adores you, too.
Loving the S.A.I.N.T.S. is fraught with huge emotional ticking time bombs. They are so worth the pain we all endure, but God, it is hard.
Stay strong Nic. Know that others are thinking about you and your boy.


Lindsay and Nicole so sorry to hear about Wesley and maybe the fact of Raven too. Pain management is the biggest thing to me. With Willow's bone cancer you could tell if the pain was being managed as she didn't limp and she wanted to go for walks and eat well. With our dog Pal's spleen cancer it was harder to tell but his back end would drag if he was in pain. We had Willow for 3 1/2 months after diagnosis and Pal 2 Buddy had melanoma and I had her for 3 years after diagnosis with 3 minor operations to remove the reoccuring tumor...each time she bounced back in a day ..she actually died of heart failure at 16 not even the cancer at that point. My kitty we let go to the bridge on the day he was diagnosed as it was bone marrow cancer and our vet said it was a very painful cancer for them to live with and he was obviously in distress. So it is sometimes a guessing game..I think that you will always know if they are not happy living anymore..and they let you know.

Chris T

Sorry to hear about Wesley Rockstar Nicole. I am sure he is ecstatic to be with you and you will take very good care of him. Take care of yourself and your boy!

Eva Stock

Sorry to hear about Wesley Nicole and hope he is able to be comfortable at least. So glad you took him home too. Eva

Hi Carol; I was there too yesterday for a couple of hours. I took Jessie for a long walk and she talked to the big guys through the fence. I spent time with the Americats and Frodo and the bunnies. I didn't go in the house as the early part of the time I was there the dogs were very quiet! nap time I guess. I always check the gardens and I always find the gate open. The latch seems a little off. See you today. Eva


Oh Yea... who is Dawn ? I adore our Nola & wondering if this is a potential home... or a fan like me ?

Nola was loved at one time , I am sure of it. I have a story in my head of a person who lost her & looked & looked & looked , but for whatever reason, never found her. I can dream can't I ?


Sorry to read this about your Rockstar Nicole, he most definatley was a lucky guy to land in your heart .


What do you do when your dog is full of cancer? I'm on the path to confirming that diagnosis for my old Rotti, too.

My vet is so great, so I'm sure we'll get good guidance and meds--but, if you could, what are the A B C's of palliation for doggies with cancer (aside from treatment)?

With my old Shepherd, it was a crisis: sudden bleed from a splenatic tumour. But long, slow living with cancer is new for me. Any advice for the novice palliator? (Thanks)