Rescue Journal

constant evaluation and re-evaluation

Carol  ·  Aug. 13, 2008

sometimes you gotta admit that what you are doing just ain't working. i find myself continually frustrated by the workload around here. i used to do this place all by myself and work a fulltime job, we got a few volunteers and then we hired some paid staff and then we got bigger and bigger.

i have watched about a half dozen animals leave here for homes in the past few weeks and i don't notice any difference in how much there is to do.

it doesn't help that we were one person short today. i ran home at lunch did the feeding and meds and i switched around to the water tanks cuz the well finally ran dry last night.

thank god for eva, she came by and saw the bunnies weren't done, fed the americats again, took jesse for a walk and helped me clean the barn after work and put the barn guys to bed. i scooped a total of 5 giant poop and scooperfuls out of the front and dog yard, we are supposed to scoop every day so i know it is getting missed an awful lot cuz it is usually one shovelful per area each day. my day started at 6 am and just finished 12 and a half hours later and that was with running in high speed most of the way...this really and truly sucks big time so i better do something to fix it, i just have to figure out what that something happens to be. i talked to mo and we are going to sit down and try to find a solution cuz we only have so many volunteers, we only can afford so many staffing hours and i am only one person working 40 hours per week elsewhere and trying to pick up the slack. if it is broken then fix it and this is definitely broken from my point of view, but can we figure out how to fix it? i really and truly hope so.
there was one worry tonight and it is a big is bleeding quite alot from her nose. i called the vet, he said it is one of two things..

A. she has a bloody nose from whacking it on something or other which apparently cows sometimes do...i told him that jeanette and percy have never done that before. or....

B. she had a lung abcess that burst in which case she will be dead in a few hours.

WHAT????? i asked if he was coming, he said no, there was nothing he could do either way and i would just have to wait and see. jesus...can't they do vit K injections or something?...apparently i guess i am waiting and seeing and that really sucks hugely too.

he did say that since she is only bleeding from one nostril, it is more likely A than B.

there was one small funny tonight.

ellie showed up while we were still cleaning the barn, it was late and she wanted her dinner and bed. she shrieked a bit and banged on the gate and then she disappeared. i called her when supper was ready but she did not come and so i went looking for her. she had ripped open and spread two entire bags of shavings into a nice soft bed in the corner of the field and was ready to drift off to sleep. she wanted me to leave her dinner there but i refused and hustled her into the barn. that made her somewhat mad but she needs to sleep where she belongs.

anyway, ellie is a self actualizing pig, she wanted her bed which we were blocking from her using at the time.... sooo...she looked around, found the bags of shavings and made her own bed without any help or assistence from stupid and slow as molassas mankind. good girl ellie!

fingers crossed for spot tonight, i better go dig out the flashlights, i will keep you informed as to whether it is just bloody nose from whacking it somewhere or the other bad thing that it better not be.