Rescue Journal

and another day ends a little bit better than yesterday

Carol  ·  Aug. 14, 2008

so the first thing my daughter says when she sees me today is..."what have you done to your face?" so i explained about my now missing bump...i showed her how now my face was flat, i explained that it would heal really quick and my face would be smooth and bumpless again. she just smiled at me and rolled her eyes.

spots nose has ceased to bleed.

spritely's leg looks really good.

tunie got way too hot today so i have a fan blowing on her out in the barn.

the hay delivery arrived quite late but is now packed away. that spot is going to toss it around and waste 3/4's it....wasteful cow, obviously she has never had to pay for her feed.

i am thinking of adopting maudie..i think her time may be running out. i don't know why i think that or why i don't want her life to end without having someone belong to her again, but i don't.

i want something really cold to drink but the freaking fridge is now stuck on lukewarm.



i promised you copper??? was i mad at you for something?? oh well, my word is my bond (i am chuckling.)


yeah Maude. Deb is right! Maude was yours a long time ago. Oh and you promised me Copper if I ever get a house again.


Maude adopted you a long time ago, Carol. You are the love of her life.

I refuse to believe Maudie's days are numbered....I love that little Banshee, but I'll be glad when she becomes a former S.A.I.N.T., and one of your own.

Eva Stock

So happy abpot the nose bleed stopping. I don't remember anything that you have forgotten. The awnings for outside the big dog room can wait til spring of course and the room you were going to do for Jessie? That could be done as a place for troubled dogs instead of the front entrance to your house?

I think that is a wonderful idea about Maude as I have the same feelings as to her aging so fast and appearing not quite as healthy anymore.

I think once you get the storage taken care of you will be very relieved and things will be much more organized. Eva