Rescue Journal

weirdo here

Carol  ·  Aug. 14, 2008

tensely peering up spot's left nostril with a flashlight last night must have been harder than i thought cuz my eyes are all bloodshot this morning. anyway, i can't see if the bleeding has still stopped cuz i haven't been out there yet, but i can see her standing there alive and not dead.

this is a good way to start today.

i better get dressed and go poke spritely with another needle before i go to work, she is starting to protest so i know she is no longer all that grateful to me for making her leg feel better. she feels well and wants me to just bugger off and go away and leave her alone. sorry, little big red train wreck...not yet.... the vet said this medical leg monster is still on duty til next saturday.

once i was finished freaking out about spot last night, i needed something constructive to do. so i performed surgery on my face and got rid of that thing that has been bugging me for the past 10 years. i tried it before but botched it cuz i couldn't follow thru but this time i did and i did a good job. plus, i saved myself a trip to the doc which i kept putting off so i am pretty happy (but also recognizing here i might be marginally mentally ill for even doing it in the first place.) whatever, that bump is gone, my face looks good and only a little bit sore to remind me never to do that again.

bloody cows specifically, and multi-species sick animals in general, can turn you into a freaking weirdo with flashlights and hemostats in the middle of the night. it is one of the risks of doing rescue.
but while i might be weird.... my face looks good, i should have been a cosmetic surgeon and gotten rich removing bumps for a living (but with using a local for freezing first cuz people won't want to pay if it and learn.)



GEEZ Carol. Maybe you should take some of abx you have kicking around! If you do manage the lipo on yourself (not that you need it) and live, sign me up. Only person that has hyperthyroid and doesn't get skinny.


Good God woman, you really, truly have jumped that line between "a little eccentric" to "full blown crazy"! You know, don't you, that when normal people are looking for something to do with a little free time they change the shelf paper in their kitchens, put together a new bookshelf, do a crossword puzzle.....they don't do freaking cosmetic surgery on themselves!! It's a damn good thing you weren't thinking you needed a little liposuction or some implants. Geez, Carol, you are going to cause us all heart attacks!

Eva Stock

Excuse me ms. Hine. Sterile technique?? I am glad you succeeded but, please do not do that again!!
Hope you did not blag on Spot's nose because it had quit bleeding. That is good. I will check when I am over there too. I will also check on Rusty. Eva
Football today.

Chris T

Carol???!!! And YOU told me never to use needles on boils I get!! You are OFFICIALLY a freak! Just do you know.