Rescue Journal

so i had a bit of a crying fest tonight

Carol  ·  Aug. 19, 2008

jeanette's old mom called, she is so very kindly sending a donation. anyway, she said she was feeling bad for sending jeanette here when she was so old and needed so much care. she knew she couldn't do it anymore cuz she was getting older too but she felt badly for us.

i hope i got across to her how i felt about knowing and caring for jeanette. she brought so many truly wonderful moments to us, she brought so many gifts to all of us, she touched us in so many ways that the only regret i have is.... she is not here. i went back thru the blog and did a search for jeanette and that was good for a few boxes of kleenex.

what an amazing cow. what an amazing journey she shared with us. i will never regret a single moment of having her here.
nola is back from the vet...just waiting on bloodwork and then we will decide if we are going to do surgery. until then she is pretty dopey on her current pain meds altho that should get better in a couple of days as she adjusts to the dose. nola you really are a very, very good dog!
new incoming....chyna is a fairly young shar pei with really bad skin...she arrives on saturday. pleaseeeee be a very good girl too!

now for the bad news...i let the water tanks run dry.... really stupid on my part. i am trying to switch back to the well but i am not sure i have got it right. i let the pump run for as long as i dared cuz i cannot risk burning out the motor. i will give it a rest and then turn it on again and hopefully, god willing, the pump will fill up and we can have water again.

i have ordered a water delivery for tomorrow but it won't get here til sometime in the afternoon.

geez, when i suck, i truly suck...i park in front of those freaking tanks every single day, all i have to do is to look at them to see if there is actually enough water in there.

shit! the well is dry water til the delivery truck comes tomorrow afternoon...we have one garbage can full of water, a few gallon jugs, the 100 gallon water trough is full and one rain barrel next to the front door (the barn ones are useless cuz those barn goofs (percy and ellie!) knocked off the spigets and drained them all out.



Thank you for taking Chyna in, Carol. She really had no other options; she's a "rescue" in the true meaning of the word.


i won't know til they are mixing freely with everyone else...then i can tell how much they gravitate to each other and depend on one another....i wouldn't hold out too much hope for them NOT to be firmly bonded...they have been together for 7 yrs ever since gwen was a little babe.


lol ok. they are a bit big to live in the kitch/small dog room. can you tell if they are bonded to each other yet or are they still to stressed to really tell?


sort of.... but not really...not their fault, i just haven't had time. they have met all the kitchen guys and darla and copper but i haven't gotten around to the rest of the big dog room yet...this weekend for sure!


I guess we are adding another dog to the weekly bathing list? I hope she behaves well with the other dogs because we all know that you do not need another dog who need to be separated.

Are Al and Gwen integrated?