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Lynne's Pictures

Chris  ·  Aug. 20, 2008

I am posting Lynne's pictures for her. Enjoy!

Thanks for the great pictures Lynne!


Eva Stock

ok you bunch of little darlings that have taken all these pic. I need all of them in colour for their charts Yesterday. Please run them off you guys!!! Eva


Awesome pictures Lynne!! You have a good eye. I love the pictures of Jessie and Sarah both longingly looking out the window waiting for Carol to come back home.(they could be on a Hallmark card) Also the last picture of Jeanette on the tarp when we finally got her to the riding can't see Carol's face but you can read her body language..pure exhaustion & relief..Carol you did right by our SWEET JEANETTE!


ahhhh...deep warm sighs for jeanette, tawnie, sarah, lexie, and raymond.

shaking my head fondly at the saintly pains in the butt...oka, jewel, percy, and jesse.

and outright chuckling at jed in the bath! that dog just cracks me up.