Rescue Journal

fairy day

Carol  ·  Aug. 23, 2008

i spent almost $1000 today just on 4 bags of horse feed, 6 cases of canned cat and dog food, 4 tubs of laundry detergent and refill meds for spritely, ellie, jewel, jed and iky...all of it will last about 2 weeks...... sheesh, it is no wonder i still have a headache.

the dump fairy was here today and so was the lawn mowing fairy, there were a couple of cleaning fairies, dog walking fairies, a barn fairy, a wasted hay pick up fairy, a bunny fairy, a laundry fairy (there might have been several) and a running the zip out of phoebe fairy here too.

it was a good day for fairies flying around saints...the dogs are all pooped.

squeakers is doing good, he might finally make it up the hill by early next week. his diabetes is getting controlled but i still have yet to visit him without his head stuck in a food bowl.

coco puff is ok today, she still is having some pain issues. the vets tried to wean down her narcotic dose but put it back up again. they won't try to remove the chest wrap (she has a flail chest injury) until monday because if it doesn't go well, she will need emergency surgery.

we have decided to take the old store room behind the rabbit room and turn it into a combo office/medical room...i think that is the best use for that space. i have yet to decide what to use the small storage space in behind the mp room.....maybe for certain types of storage...but maybe not.....

shhh...don't tell anyone, but i am thinking those americats might enjoy a bedroom with a bed to stretch out on. the inside cats here sure like my bed alot so i am thinking the americats might like one too. it would be pretty simple to build another wire wall along the front and cut a doorway from their living room wall into their new bedroom...but it might be a frivolous idea cuz what freaking animal shelter builds furnished human type bedrooms for their cats? so i am still just thinking on it and trying to decide if it might be perceived as crazy and how much the cats would enjoy it anyway even if people did think it was nutz.

and since it is starting to get dark earlier, i better go put those barn guys to bed....deep sigh, all the helpful fairies have already gone home.



The bed idea is awsome! The americats are the nicest animals and they deserve a bed, all cats do. Great idea Carol!!!!

Eva Stock

You know all you have to do is put a cat door in the wall and wire the open area with a door in it and it is done. Cooool. Eva Then I wouln't have to go home at all smile. Jessie must not know as she has already taken ownership of the couch and chair in the mp room!!! My gosh you guys, Jessie was telling me on Carol for sitting in her chair. She literally barked at me and looked over at Carol in her chair, repeatedly! She was barking in an annoyed fashion. It was hillarious!


The bed idea rocks. Those cats deserve to be spoiled. Carol/Deb can I get Deb's contact info? My # is 604 888 1835. Thanks


The cats would not only love the bed but the extra space the extended room would give them to wander around in.


I'm betting the Americats would love a bedroom! Heck, what tired or not so tired volunteer wouldn't want to curl up with an Americat for a nap buddy. But then again, I am partial to the Americats.


The bed idea is great: great for the Americats and also a place for pooped volunteers to plop down for a nap, and a last-resort guest bedroom.


Who cares if the Ameri-bedroom idea is crazy! Those cats would LOVE it. Any cat who has not had the luxury of a bed for some time or ever loves having a bed. When I bought Nudge home from yours she took over the bed right away because she had not had access to one for a while. She slept with me the very first night she was here and still thinks the bed is for her.