Rescue Journal

i have a sign posted above the front door.

Carol  ·  Aug. 27, 2008

i am not a post a note or a sign all over the place kind of person...they mostly just irritate me cuz they look ugly, are generally rude and controlling, and no one reads them anyway. it is a poor way to communicate so if i do post a sign, it is usually a big deal and i am desperate.

anyway, the sign over the front door is different, it says..."house at pooh corner" i usually think it is funny. but today at 5 am not so much so. not that there was any more poop around here than usual, just that little blind and busy tugs had walked thru it all several times.

thx sweeheart....lucky for you that you are so freaking cute.

mj came last night and the bank deposit is ready to go and the tax receipts are ready to mail and all of it got done while leanne and i put the barn guys to bed. i spent some time out in the shop figuring things out...there is a crapload of stuff to take to the dump cuz we just don't need it here.

free for the taking if anyone wants...a working but elderly washer and dryer, a stove, a disgustingly dirty fridge, an entertainment center, some tables, some long pieces of carpet, chairs, desks, dressers and a single bed.

i called steve our handy guy cuz we need a railing built on those stairs, asap...i am totally freaked out of heights and need one yesterday. he answered but he is on the island fishing and will be back on tuesday next week. ratz..patience is not my best quality.

also...we need a plumber and an electrician so if anyone knows someone reliable and not busy who is looking for a couple of small side jobs, send him or her my way...i would REALLY like to meet them, they would be my most favorite folks this week.