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oh for freaking %^$&*# sakes!!!!

Carol  ·  Aug. 29, 2008

chyna loves the puppy cuz he is the only unneutered male she currently has access to...she has started a heat. i am seriously going to shoot myself (or every single stupid, lazy, selfish, cheap, greedy, human being that finds some ignorant self serving excuse not to sterilize their pets that all eventually end up here anyway!)

jed is going to get neutered asap. at six-eight years old, a giant breed newfie with major cardiac, autoimmune disease is going to be a huge surgical risk and our vet is cursing me. but if his owners or breeder had responsibly done him as young healthy pup, we would not be in crises now and having to take the risk.

chyna's skin is a big concern, but she didn't start with her major skin problems til after six months of age so she could have been done earlier and she could very well be allergic to the hormones she produces anyway. chyna IS going to be spayed.

milowsky is an 8 yr old who could have been done a thousand times before he broke his pelvis. but his owners decided they didn't want to and now milowsky is here. he is getting done asap too.

coco, gee why spay a tiny house dog? think hard and find two really good reasons, and she will get done too.
puppy beau is only 5 months old, so ok, he is just due now but WOULD he have gotten done if he hadn't come into rescue now? the odds are he wouldn't cuz most dogs who end up in rescue missed this first important step.

i don't want to hear anyones excuses anymore...i don't care if the animal is "special" and able to produce babies for profit or fun. I don't care that you ran short on your paycheque or forgot to get around to it. i don't care if you are a moronic man who cringes at the thought of testicles surgically removed, i don't care if the time isn't right or convenient, or you found "GOOD" homes for all of those innocent babes. big deal if you wanted to show them to get a blue ribbon to hang on your wall. i don't care if you wanted to experience the miracle of birth or you just wanted to feel all warm and fuzzy because you had babies to goof around with for awhile. don't tell me "well he is sick now so we couldn't" cuz that is a lie, he wasn't always sick and you know it so don't even go there, it just doesn't wash. unaltered animals can REPRODUCE, they DIE of reproductive cancers...neither of these outcomes is worthy of ANY human excuse.
so...we cannot run a communal animal shelter, not even one for senior and special needs with a bunch of intact animals with their heads full of sexual needs...they are OLD, they are SICK, they are NOT freaking well dead. i am going to risk jed's life and i am going to make chyna's skin temporarily worse, and i am going to send milowsky, and cocopuff, and beau in and finally get done what should have been done in every single responsible home in the very, very first place.

AND we will get to not only cover the whopping bills for doing high risk surgeries, BUT we will care for them well post-operatively AND take care of them forever if need be, until if and when they find a that "gets it" this time.

geezus friggin christ, i am royally pissed off at humans today.



I have a good 1 for you. I live in Terrace and we are currently having Vet issues here. In the past few months we have gone form 3 vets down to 1 and a second once in a while (he suffers ill health). As a result not many pets are getting fixed since the 1 that is left can't take any new patients. I have already established a relationship with him and when I had my cat there about 3 weeks ago the clinic told me not to get any new animals because he couldn't take them on. The next nearest vets are about 1.5-2 hours away and I have no idea if they are taking on any new patients. Anyway I currently have 2 friends who have no way to get their pets out of town to get them fixed even though they want to.


~writes down note to book bilbo's neuter~ ta for the reminder, carol. :-)


great post Carol. Anyone who says ignorance is bliss has never been to a shelter, met a dog who was going to be euthanized for space, or had a pet that got a reproductive cancer.

There are far too many companion animals in shelters and rescues. When the need for shelters and rescues is zero then maybe we could look at how we can, as a society, begin a responsible breeding program where only certified, breed experts can breed animals. we really need to put a stop to back yard breeding.


Carol, what an EXCELLENT post! Thanks for not taking it easy on people - it's about time they took their responsibility for animals seriously! Sometimes I just want to strangle people. I figure once EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL/BIRD in this world has a LOVING home, THEN - and not before then - people can begin breeding them again! So many people should be removed from the gene pool!


You are so right Carol. To even further the point, people should read TG's blog! We have a serious over population here due in part to people not speutering but up north it appears 10x worse. Yvonne seems to get generations of dogs, all young, having multiple litters. The roofer was on a ladder outside my deck telling me about the three litters his dog has had (in a year and a half) and how they all went to good homes. Then he asked me if I wanted a kitten as his cat has just had another litter. I wanted to push his ladder off my deck. All I could say, I was so mad was do you think its time to get your animals fixed?

Chris T

I have never understood why people don't spay and neuter. I remember as a kid all of our animals were speutered and I can't imagine my mother or grandmother having an animal that was not fixed. It just wasn't done. I grew up knowing that animals had to be altered. My family did not have any education about rescue or the problems they just seemed to know it was the right thing to do.


jed is going to die from his cardiac disease at some point, it is the meantime, his unneutered status puts him at risk from current or future dogs who get uptight around intact he has a terrible case of bilateral entropian which could be surgically repaired while he is under for his neuter thus significantly increasing his quality of daily life.
there are risks to doing the surgery but there are risks and daily costs for him without doing it too.

he is significantly healthier than when he first arrived...his heart rate is within normal limits, his BP is good, he has put on a fair amount of weight, his skin and ear infections are under control and he is running around like an idiot and therefore must be feeling quite good right now too. i don't know that he will ever get any better than this but it sure would be nice for his eyes not to hurt and for him to be safe around all other dogs so he can go out with them whenever he wants.  it is a balancing act of risk against benefit...if benefit wins, we all say "right on!" if risk wins...another regret and guilt to carry for sucks.


Since Jed seems to be the most at risk from the surgery, once everyone else is neutered, wouldn't it be possible to leave him as is? Maybe he'll be stronger in a few months (or years) and it could be done then?

cheryl and stef

how about this one...i do not want to waste the money because the cats are outside anyway and once they are fixed the coyotes are going to get them...that is the one i heard and almost freaked...stupid friggin people...makes me sick.


Amen Carol!
I cannot believe the lame excuses people use not to spay/neuter their pets. I am sorry you now need to alter so many animals because their "owners" didn't bother.