Rescue Journal

ok, freaking fine

Carol  ·  Sep. 2, 2008

chris is resorting to calling me to beg me to blog.

sooooooo...what have we been up to lately????

we have a not scary railing on the stairs in the storage room so now i can run up and down without looking like an utter freak, yay!!!

steve also covered over the oil draining troughs in the new storage room floor, now i won't fall in them and break another ankle so i am VERY happy about that.
mj and i started setting up the new OFFICIAL saints office tonight. i was having so much fun, i totally forgot to put the barn guys to bed...ooops. got them in just before dark, they are slightly pissed off at me...i suck.

nicole has asked me to remind everyone about the OPEN HOUSE on Sunday Sept 14th 11am -3pm that we are all working our freaking butts off to make this place look highly organized and incredibly the animals are pretty freaking impressive too (but not so highly organized.) AND she is asking all saints volunteers to let her know thru either a phone call on her cell or an email who is available to help on that day doing what. (see nicole, i got it right!!)

i really enjoyed my 2 night visit with yvette from TG, she is great people plus here seems absolutely normal to her so i don't have to worry about if she is thinking i am crazy cuz she already knows i am and she is too.

updates on the sainted ones...

beau goes in for his neuter on thursday this week. jed goes in for his neuter and eye surgery on tuesday next week. chyna goes in for her spay next week thursday and we are still waiting for broken bones to mend on cocopuff and milowsky before i can send either of those two in.

i picked up cocopuff today and she did NOT scream. yay!

milowsky is walking WAY better.

beau is adorable and lot's of fun.

nina is settling in and starting to venture into the kitchen to see what is happening in there. she still likes to eat...alot....i see a partially blind and deaf fat cocker on the horizon...she is very, very beautiful.
gwen and al are doing really well and are both fully settled in here and i have decided i am NOT splitting them up....they love each other and i am not taking that away from them....all they could ever count on in this life was each other and i am going to respect that for them.

ellis-mae is the CUTEST freaking pink pig in the world.
frodo LOVES the new office, he is a very happy camper tonight.

and i am done blogging and going to have a hot bath before i go to bed in a bit.



Ellie phoned you know how she hates to wait...she said mom should have called her pet sitter if she was busy having fun!


yes you remembered to post it but you failed to add my cell # and email address.
604-862-9738 and
we need alot of volunteer support for that day, there are a variety activities/duties you can help out with. It really is a fun day, but we need volunteers to help make it successful.