Rescue Journal

darla passed away this afternoon

Carol  ·  Sep. 4, 2008

the vet felt it was end of the road cardiac disease and time to let her go. she passed as she lived, with calm dignity and amazing grace. rest in peace sweetheart, some of saints peaceful bliss passed away with you.



I can't tell you, Carol, and all the volunteers at SAINTS how much it has meant to me to know that Darla girl was in such a loving and peopled environment when it was her turn to go to heaven. Thank you ALL for all your efforts to make her welcome and comfortable; for looking after her so well each and every day. Thank you that she was able to die peacefully and under the best possible circumstances. SHE WAS NOT ALONE and that was always my greatest fear. It helps me and the boys to know that so many others share our grief and missing her. She is in a better place where that old heart is replaced with a new strong one! We will meet again! Thank you again so very much and God bless you all...


So very sorry to hear of another loss at SAINTS. May God ease your pain and know that our losses are tremendous contributions in heaven. In the blink of an eye, we will all be together again. I can't wait!


Godspeed Darla. You touched many hearts in your time at S.A.I.N.T.S. You'll be remembered as a good dog, a very good dog.


Bless you sweet Darla. Im so glad I got to say goodbye to you last night. It was an honor to meet such a TRUE LADY! Your presence will be greatly missed. Run free...


So sorry to hear about Darla. You've had far too many losses lately. My heart bleeds for you.

Chris T

this makes me very sad. I only met Darla once, at the bbq in July but her picture has been on my desktop ever since. I really fell in love with her. Take care Carol and I am so sorry for your loss.


i already commented but dont know what happened. i was saying that i always seem to be saying i am sorry to carol too many times lately. we have lost a lot of our beloved saints too fast. Darla was a very lovely gentle girl and i wished i could have seen her again. goodbye darla you will be greatly missed


Im glad I had a chance to say goodbye to her, and that I gave her, her very own bowl of wet dog food today

We will miss you Darla