Rescue Journal

back to reality and what actually matters around here....

Carol  ·  Sep. 5, 2008

sparky has had another stroke tonight. not as bad as last time but still a fairly significant one...i covered the hall and back rooms with sheets and towels so she can keep a grip and stay wobbly on her feet instead of struggling flat on the floor....she is such a good and brave little dog to have to go thru this yet again....not fair. ahhh sparky, it really sucks to be getting so old.

it rains it pours...time for me to quit indulging in pathetic enraged pity parties.

tomorrow i have to get a new supply of rubber backed mats in here, the last ones rubber all wore away from washing due to frequent use....sparky needs rubber mats for the next while so she can feel she can move around without worrying too much....this is what i am supposed to be thinking about, i forgot...sorry sparkles.