Rescue Journal

can't sleep

Carol  ·  Sep. 5, 2008

nina has diarrhea, sparky has gone to sleep and my head was spinning and whirling and thinking until with another countless twist and turn...boom, i got it. wow....utterly and completely amazing. i am chuckling now cuz i am such a complete and total freaking fool (again)....gotta love those sleepless nights, they bring such clarity to confusion.

angst in rescue is like a rubics cube...frustrating to pull it all together correctly, quite satisfying when you finally figure it out, and then best to be tossed into a drawer and forgotten cuz it makes no difference to your life anyhow. hard as you try, there are some things that you never really do forget.
but now i bet i can sleep so that's good.

my apologies to everyone for the venomous post below...i was way off base...i got it wrong in alot of ways..(but not totally) and i forgot something i should have known.

rescue sometimes is less than stellar, sometimes it actually is quite shameful too. it is part of the territory you have to learn to navigate. sometimes i think i royally suck at it, but then i am still standing so i can't be that bad at it...or at least that's what i tell myself so i don't give up and stop.


Sue turnbull


Even though I have never met you I follow your and Turtle Gardens website.

I have huge respect for you people whose lives revolve around saving many many abused, abandoned and sick aniimals.

If people leave negative comments about you all, maybe they should shut up, and help out to make things better and maybe easier for you all.

I have 12 rescued cats and three dogs,veted them, spayed and neutered and I get amazed at the negative comments that come my way.

So called friends say:

"I would never put up with my wife having that many cats"
"The cats are causing you to be sick: (I was sick way before I helped the cats)and they should mind their own business.

I say to them" What the F@#@k was I supposed to do leave the cats and kittens to starve to death cause the shelters are full.

Would those people keep driving by these animals minding their own business.

Soo, I understand how this negativity upsets you, cause people also piss me off with some up their comments.

On the positive side:

We are lucky to have all these loving animals to give us much joy and happiness in our lives.

When I read your blogs I feel some envy on all the loving animals you help but I also understand it takes up all your time and energy.

Three Cheers to All Saints and Turtle Gardens.


Chris T

I don't think you were wrong to be in a rage and I don't think you should take anything back. You work hard and you know and love your animals. Other people should check their backyards to make sure they are perfect before hurling mud (or shit) in your direction.

I am not saying you are perfect because no one is. However you generally have a sound reason for doing things the way you do them and generally it is a reason that puts the animals first.

Francesca Wilson

Carole you are fantastic at rescue, don't give up. Just looking at all the dear souls who have come through SAINTS is proof enough of the incredible work that goes on there. Take care.