Rescue Journal

vacation day one.

Carol  ·  Sep. 8, 2008

we got alot of the painting done in the new hideyhole guest suite.....steve just has to finish boarding the bathroom and then we can paint in there too...gee we all miss that extra toilet and sink (they are pulled out into the middle of the shop floor) and we haven't even had use of it for more than a couple of weeks....just goes to show how badly we needed it to miss it so much when it is gone.
gwen saw the vet today...just a dermatitis between her toes but she is a typical shepherd toe licker so she made it really sore. she has a full foot bandage so she will leave it alone. it can come off in 4 days and then she should be good to go.

keep the saints in your prayers tonight...jed goes in for his neuter and eye surgery tomorrow. my gut says the time is right to get this done but my head is scared to death. i hope i am listening to the right one.

pugsy (now bella) is quite ill right now. her new mom wrote to say they think she has a bile duct obstruction. she is going to seattle to see a specialist so everyone cross your fingers that she will be ok.

roxie, our little ancient yorkie in foster care is also in at the vets. she is on IV fluids and awaiting her blood work results.

squeakers blood sugars are still too high. i still need to book cody in at the vets. chyna's surgery has been changed to wednsday and princeton is going in on thursday instead. he couldn't groom himself til his fractured jaw was fully healed. consequently he is full of matts and needs a good body shave.

i am falling head over heels in love with coco-chi...gawd she is an amazingly cute and fiesty much personality can be in a 4 or 5 pound body...apparently quite alot!

the barn guys had a treat of pears today, someone dropped off a donation for was a big hit on all accounts and they are lucky there is enough for their dinner again tomorrow.

oka has a possible home visiting tomorrow and there is a family coming to see about adopting a bonded pair of bunnies, i am thinking muffin and thumper are the most appropriate ones...if all goes well and good matches are made it will be a good day for several of our saints.
i am pretty sure that by the time my vacation is done, i will need a few days in a hospital bed, but it sure feels good to finally sort out our storage problems and fix them once and for all.

oh just how much can i accomplish on my vacation? if laura and lana and tammy and eva and our secret gardening fairy keep popping by, i bet it is a ton! thx guys!!!!!!