Rescue Journal

the good stuff

Carol  ·  Sep. 9, 2008

spot and percy really have ended up as very best friends. i was watching them in the field last night before i put them to bed. at first they were standing touching, one against the other...a few licks, a couple of head rubs and the next thing i knew they were gently playing..a nudge here, another there, both coming back for more...just two very good friends quietly goofing around while waiting for their dinner. for me it was a heart soaring moment of "ahhhhh yesssss!".... to them it was just a quiet fun time hanging around with a friend.
chyna has really fit in here so well. quite frankly i was a little nervous to take her on. the only other full shar pei i have ever done, ended up being a disaster (emmit was great with me, but horrid with many other people, esp. all men...he attacked my vet every single time he saw him and when eventually adopted by a woman who "got " this, he unexpectedly attacked his new mom's boyfriend whom he seemed to like for some reason and bit off and ate the end of his thumb.), ok past experience i suppose colored me slightly on my expectations of this dog who came in with a bit of a sketchy history...was she dog aggressive, was she not, was she another weird dog of a very weird breed? thank god for chyna...i am now quite a fan of funny looking wrinkly dogs bred to be born with really crappy skin disease. she is an absolute and complete and total little sweet thing....with crappy skin.

spunk is starting to play with me in a semi-serious "don't take it too far" kind of way. i really like his round eye "deer in the head lights" stare as he considers if he should like me or fly at my face. and mr chubby at has decided that eating while stressed will give him the energy he needs to take me out if that necessary occasion should at some point become clear. i think he is a hoot...but then, he hasn't actually bit me yet either.

more painting is persimmon color day...this is the day i have been waiting for to see if i made a incredibly astute artsy-fartsy decision or just screwed up royally in a color sense.

i have that butterfly in my gut nervousness about jed today...please god let me have gotten this strong jed, be strong of strong heart and come home tonight neutered and able to see better without any pain.