Rescue Journal

today is not done, nor will it be for several more hours...but....

Carol  ·  Sep. 12, 2008

the MP room is done, the office/medical room is done, the shop is done, the guest hide away suite is done, the shop bathroom is ALMOST done (can someone tomorrow please paint the door persimmon?) and tonight i will be working late to get the house organizing stuff done...yuck....but first i have to run to the corner store cuz i need smokes (no i have not quit) and bread and jam for oka.

and why do i need bread and jam for oka? because oka started to seizure again today. so i called the vet to find out his recent bloodwork and low and behold, oka is hypoglycemic. his blood sugars were 2.9 on wednsday after his, since hypoglycemia can certainly cause seizures, we whacked a huge peanut and jelly sandwich into him, followed by a tube of frosting. the seizure stopped and oka perked up and now we know what we are probably dealing with....with a 12 yr old rotti, the vet says it is probably pancreatic cancer....that really sucks.

anyway he will need to be fed a high calorie snack every couple of hours so i will make him a bunch of peanut butter and jam sandwiches which we can just grab out of the fridge....except we are out of bread and jam....hence the trip to the store tonight.

jesse got to the vets and got her nails trimmed and she is still quite pissed off at me. both the water and hay got delivered so i am happy about that. pete the moronic goat, went over the fence next to the riding ring barn...he got stuck between the outer and the inner fence but managed to jump back into the riding ring on his own...i shoved a temporary board in there but someone please remind me to fix it more permanently. carl is banned from the sheep...he is being mean to elizabeth. the sheep are happy he is not bossing them around but carl does look kind of lonely.
those putrid saints dogs mobbed my rental van when i tried to go and unload the barn feed...freaking 20 dogs all in a frenzy to see me with their bloody muddy, scratching paint freaking feet...i know damn well they they can't tell the difference between my grey van and the grey van rental...but sheesh, did they have to be so freaking enthusiastic...the company is going to charge me!!!!
thx mo and tammy and gardening fairy, thx laura, thx lynne and really alot of thx to steve for helping to get this place ship shape and ready for our big open house day on sunday.

okey dokey...gotta get going smokey so i don;t have to stay up all night. AND by the way IF i get all my stuff done tonight, we will be right on track for the finishing touches tomorrow...YAY!!!



nicoe, i got some different kinds of chips, dip and salsa for sunday. carol dont forget to put out the dump stuff from the shed for kathys husband to take to the dump tomorrow.the place sure is looking great


Carol or Nicole, do you know what time the dog seminar is scheduled for?